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We here at NEXMED pride ourselves by providing professional personalized individual care. Our Medically Certified Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Nurses care about our patients and are dedicated to creating a wonderful experience during treatments. Meet our team of experts below. NEXMEDBody was started as an extension of our NEXMEDHealth, in which we offer treatment to restore the body and mind through an integrative and holistic approach. In helping patients to improve their health from the inside out, it was apparent that the need to improve the contour of the body was also beneficial in feeling good about oneself and improving the mind, and spirit. So we then set a goal to invest in the latest treatment, products, and technologies that are minimally or non-invasive, reduce downtime and discomfort, and produce natural looking results in the safest environment. We are proud to offer our patients the highest quality services with our team of highly skilled physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses; matched with the highest quality technology, FDA cleared devices to meet and exceed expectations. We use cutting edge technology that combines ultrasound and radio-frequency simultaneously, to tighten skin. Using the power of targeted mechanical vibrations, we’re able to reduce factors causing cellulite formation, enhance microcirculation, and oxygen supply in affected area resulting in increased blood supply, reducing excess interstitial fluid, cellulite reduction, and improve skin texture. We integrated breakthrough micro-needling techniques with a solution that contains synthesized human TGF-B3, anti-inflammatory growth factors that promotes less fibrotic and more fetal-like healing. We also use High-Intensity Focus Electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) to cause deep pelvic floor stimulation, equivalent to performing thousands of Kegel exercises, for restoration of neuromuscular control to treat urinary incontinence, non-surgically, non-invasively, and effortlessly. As part of our feminine rejuvenation services, we incorporate HIFEM technology with a regenerative vaginal moisturizer that contains mesenchymal stem cell cytokines from bone marrow, to restore a youthful microenvironment. With an Integrative mindset in medicine, we strive to restore our patients’ sense of youth, confidence, and healthy lifestyle by empowering each individual through innovative body contouring techniques, with no downtime, and personalized treatment from caring providers.

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